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    Make Payments Online!

    Trenton Public Schools is please to bring you the online convenience of our new payment processing system, PaySchools. 
    This program allows you to make school-related payments online via e-check or credit card at your convenience all from out school’s Web site.


    How it works


    Click on PaySchools to make purchases of all available products in this one location.


    Simply select the item(s) you wish to purchase and check out.  The first time you access PaySchools, you will be asked to create a username and password.  You can then choose to pay by e-check or credit card.  To pay by e-check (directly debiting your bank account), you will enter the bank’s ABA routing number and personal bank account number.  To make your purchase by credit or debit card, enter the account number and expiration date for your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card.  After you complete your purchase, an e-mail confirmation and receipt will immediately be sent to you.   PaySchools uses “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) “software, requires passwords throughout the program, and does not store personal bank or credit card information to ensure privacy and security for users.


    Benefits For Parents


    Not only is the service a convenience for you , it saves district resources that can be spent  on your child’s education.  PaySchools offer  you:


    ·         Easy and convenient online access to pay fees 24 hours a day. 7 days a week,

    ·         An end to lost cash and checks,

    ·         Instant credit to student accounts reflecting the new activity,

    ·         Ability to view account history of purchases, and

    ·         Assurance of private and secure transmissions.


    To get started,  click the link: PaySchools